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Paperless Trade – Less Paper, More Speed

Save time preparing your shipments, reduce paperwork and speed up Customs clearance with DHL’s Paperless Trade.
DHL’s Paperless Trade service allows you to electronically transmit customs documents, eliminating the need to print and physically attach them to your shipments. As well as saving you valuable time when preparing your shipments, this free service will help you save on paper and printing costs, while also making a positive contribution to the environment.

How can Paperless Trade help me?

  • Saves time – no need to physically attach invoices to shipments
  • Saves money – reduces print and paper costs
  • Fewer delays – earlier receipt of documentation allows queries to be resolved more quickly
  • Environmentally friendly - reduces use of paper and printing consumables

How does Paperless Trade work?

Paperless Trade is integrated into our DHL XML Services, DHL IntraShip and DHL EasyShip shipping solutions. You register once for Paperless Trade, after which it will be offered automatically as you prepare your shipments - if it is available to the destination country and within Customs value limits.
With Paperless Trade, you have the option to generate Commercial or Proforma invoices in the DHL shipping solutions or to upload invoices created separately.

How do I start using DHL Paperless Trade?

Paperless Trade is available in the following shipping solutions and getting started is easy:

Paperless Trade Terms

DHL offers a Paperless Trade ("PLT") service, permitting shippers to send certain documentation accompanying the shipment electronically (eliminating the need for printed copies of documents).
You, as "Shipper", are agreeing on your behalf and on behalf of anyone else with an interest in the shipment, that these Paperless Trade Terms shall apply in relation to all shipments sent using the PLT service.
You further agree that these Paperless Trade Terms apply in addition to DHL's Terms and Conditions of Carriage, as set out on the DHL website, which apply IN FULL. Your attention is drawn in particular to sections 2 (unacceptable shipments), 12 (shipper's warranties and indemnity) and 6 (DHL's liability) of DHL's Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
DHL will provide you with instructions on use of the PLT service. These apply in addition to any existing requirements on tendering of the shipment and the transport document. This will include:
  • the format in which you will send the electronic files,
  • the quality requirements for any scanning of documentation,
  • the timing of shipment data transmission,
  • the details of where shipment paperwork is to be transmitted to,
  • the shipment details (ex origins, destinations, contents, shipment value) for which the PLT service is not available,
  • any documentation (such as a certificate of origin) which needs also to be provided in hard copy format when the shipment is tendered to DHL
You agree to comply with all DHL instructions concerning the PLT service. You further agree to comply with any legal or customs requirements concerning the PLT service, so that for example, you will not use the PLT service for any shipments for which legal or customs requirements oblige hard copy documents to be sent.
You confirm that you are authorized to send data electronically. You authorize DHL to use the data you transfer to DHL electronically for the purposes of processing and sending the PLT shipments. This includes your company letterhead and electronic signature.
All documentation sent electronically must be legible.
You agree to indemnify and hold DHL harmless from any loss, damage or delay resulting from any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Carriage or these Paperless Trade Terms.
You accept that DHL will incur costs in processing your electronic documentation and that DHL may request you to compensate it in the event that you do not subsequently tender a shipment for which you have sent electronic documentation at the expected pick-up time.
You confirm the consent of the receiver to the use of the PLT service.