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Smart Metering

Smart metering will enable the UK to modernise the electricity system and create the smart grids needed to bring new low carbon energy sources online, and handle much higher demand for electricity as the UK progressively electrifies transport and heating.
Back in 2008, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that gas and electricity smart meters would be rolled out by energy suppliers to every home in Britain by the end of 2020.

For this rollout to be a success, utility companies will be forced to create an entirely new supply chain - one that is smarter and greener. What sort of supply chain requirement will you need to maximise the opportunity?

Energy providers are at the forefront of delivering energy management initiatives. Getting it right will strengthen your relationship with customers and generate positive PR. But have you considered the possible hurdles?
  • Customers will cherish positive experiences. Will your supply chain deliver one?
  • As more products and services come on board, demand is likely to rise. How scalable is your supply chain?
  • Regional installation programmes may be sporadic and infrastructure may be in short supply. Do you have local, flexible storage facilities?
  • Skilled engineers are at a premium and their time is precious – will they to able to focus on core roles, including installation and customer engagement?
  • Energy management must be carbon-efficient. How environmentally friendly is your supply chain?
  • Management information will help you make the right decisions. How do you measure your supply chain's performance?
If you haven’t yet thought about how these ambitious new plans will affect your business, and what sort of supply chain requirement you will need to maximise the opportunity, now is the time to get started.

With a national logistics platform in place, DHL have the capability to provide a fully integrated energy management supply chain solution.

From managing imported products integral to the delivery of energy management solutions to providing complete visibility of movements throughout a supply chain; DHL can deliver your energy management requirements.

Waste Expertise

Waste must be removed within a day, to avoid health and safety risks, and recycling opportunities must be maximised. How robust is your waste management operation?