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Power Generation & Utilities Solutions

Whether building a new power station or nuclear reactor or supporting field engineers in transmission and distribution activities, complex supply chains are a reality in the power and utilities industry. While new capital projects and existing power, utilities, transmission and distribution facilities each have their own unique supply chain challenges, the need to get or keep equipment online is of paramount importance.

As the global leaders in supply chain management, DHL is uniquely qualified to meet the supply chain needs of new build projects as well as existing electricity, gas, water and alternative energy companies. We understand that complex regulations and an increasingly uncertain future make delivering power more complicated than ever. And we are well aware of the obstacles utilities, power generation and alternative energy companies face, from outdated or inadequate infrastructures, increased governmental focus on exploring alternative energy sources and an ever-increasing demand for energy. DHL can help you meet these challenges head on through supply chain design, implementation and management services that enhance your productivity while reducing your costs.

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Keep Manufacturing Running (MRO)


Making Maintenance Teams More Productive (Engineering Response)

In the power and utilities industry, maintaining continuous production is integral to success. To achieve this, you rely on a highly skilled maintenance staff to keep things up and running. But when that staff is spending time locating the parts and materials they need instead of working on equipment, output can be adversely affected - especially in remote geographic regions and harsh climates.

Smart Metering & Grid Deployment


Reduce Capital Assets & Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

There is a strong focus on cost reduction within public and private sector utilities and generation companies. This focus extends to include the materials supply chain and its associated inventory and working capital. Good design is at the heart of an effective supply chain solution, allowing supply chain optimisation and inventory reduction, whilst improving service performance and material availability.

Capital Project Logistics & Transportation

The massive scope of capital projects in the power and utilities sector often results in highly fragmented supply chains. Responsibility for supply chain management has historically been divested to a large number of different sub-contractors from differing regions and countries. In this way, power and utility companies often lose control of the supply chain and cannot easily track the flow of materials. Materials don’t get to the engineers on time, to plan, reducing productivity and preventing projects from coming in on time and on budget.

The DHL end-to-end approach to supply chain management helps you take back control of your supply chain. Through careful planning, design and management, DHL can create a supply chain that gets the right materials to the right workers at the right time. Our services can reduce build costs and increase worker productivity by up to 40% or more, improving the time and cost certainty of your project.

Learn more about our capital project logistics and transportation services

Inbound-to-Operations (MRO)

Inbound-to-operations, also known as materials re-supply or maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is critical to keeping equipment online and maintaining distribution and transmission of electricity, gas or water. Getting the right equipment and parts to engineers located across the network is a balancing act. You need to keep your highly skilled staff working productively while minimising unnecessary overhead.

DHL inbound-to-operations (MRO) solutions involve sourcing and supplying materials when and where they’re needed to engineers in multiple locations to optimise productivity and Time on Tool, as well as increase network availability. Our expertise includes planning, warehousing, inventory management systems, inbound goods collection and receipt and delivering stock to engineers on the plant or in the field. We give power and utility companies real-time visibility of every part in the materials ‘pipeline’, and we give workers the right materials at their fingertips to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about our inbound-to-operations solutions and services

Smart Metering & Grid Deployment

Smart metering and network upgrade projects are complex and difficult - spanning a wide range of rural locations and urban conurbations.

Undertaking such projects in an efficient and cost-effective way is critical to project success and utility company reputation.

With our expertise in supply chain design, implementation and management, DHL can help with your smart grid deployment, whether you’re doing a pilot project or deploying thousands of smart meters across a large, diverse geographic area. DHL’s solutions can involve the set up and management of distribution centres, deployment of co-located minor stocking locations, creation of local stocking and distribution points, use of smart box technologies and vehicle stock management.

Learn more about our smart metering and grid deployment solutions

In-plant Services

In-plant logistics services for the oil and gas industry includes a range of operations that occur within our customers’ facilities and property fence lines. DHL is dedicated to achieving the highest level of safety when operating on your site. We can support your team - or be your team - by handling labour management, warehousing, yard management, plant and tool store management, railcar switching and cleaning, and many more.

Our first step is often to assess the effectiveness of your existing supply chain. We work to understand where you are currently, and more importantly, where you need to be. We offer solutions to help you cut costs, increase productivity, and get the best out of your most valuable resource: your people.

DHL's in-plant site logistics services are not about taking control - they are about giving you more control. Quality and safety are part of our culture, and we invest substantial time building consistent processes and training to achieve our goal of zero recordable incidents.

Learn more about our in-plant services


Many materials within the oil and gas markets are expensive, potentially dangerous and intended for specific uses only. Whether compliance relates to Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), or other national or international compliance legislation, DHL is committed to following the strictest standards in managing your materials supply chain, irrespective of location. These standards are applied to both DHL’s own teams and direct supply chain activities, as well as to DHL’s sub-contractors and suppliers operating as part of your broader materials supply chain (e.g. transportation sub-contractors, specialist suppliers, customs agents, etc).

DHL operations are run in a manner acceptable to local communities and governments. Our solutions comply with the relevant laws and regulations and we take any additional measures we consider necessary to ensure continuous improvement in safety, security, health and environmental performance and compliance. It is worth noting that all of DHL’s staff involved in the Energy sector undergo rigourous FCPA compliance, Code of Conduct, Anti Competition, Anti Corruption and HSSE training to ensure that standards are never compromised.

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Learn more about our compliance capabilities

Procurement Services

We provide a range of services, from procurement consulting and outsourcing, to an integrated service combining procurement and logistics management, to ensure that procured products are delivered when and where they are required.

DHL's procurement specialists can deliver substantial cost savings on a wide range of core and non-core products (non-technical); everything from consumables and work wear, to operational spare parts and equipment. By leveraging DHL's global reach and supply chain expertise, we can effectively manage the risks associated with global sourcing and integrate procurement activities with material logistics and delivery - removing fragmentation from the supply chain and providing clarity of accountability.

Learn more about our procurement services

Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

At DHL, being Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) means instigating and managing change across your entire supply chain to meet changing business and customer demands. We do this by bringing continuous improvement and cost reduction, introducing lean logistics processes and optimising logistics networks.

As a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), DHL is responsible for planning and implementing tailored supply chain solutions that optimise performance, cost and development of supply chain functions, transactions, systems and logistics suppliers. We establish service level agreements across the supply chain, and can even provide one contact point and one invoice. Our approach also involves the management, optimisation and execution of inbound and outbound logistics, including the implementation of origin-based networks.

Within the Energy sector, the LLP approach can be applied to upstream and downstream operations, from capital project logistics through to operational support - managing all aspects of the materials supply chain on an integrated basis from national and international suppliers through to on and off-shore worksites.

A successful LLP is built upon a strong and effective partnership arrangement with our customer to deliver value to their business, and encompasses a whole range of skills and experience that we deploy to meet the needs of your business.